Life expectancy in Canada continues to improve. That’s great for Canadians. But it means challenges for those organizations managing defined benefit pension and post-retirement benefit plans. Longer lifespans mean higher costs!

That’s where Club Vita Canada comes in. Whether you are focused on enhancing your plan’s long-term sustainability, assessing the cost of transferring risk, or simply understanding your risk better, Club Vita Canada gives you the unique insights and robust tools you need to better manage your plan costs.

Make no mistake, longevity risk is the biggest unmanaged and unrewarded risk facing large Canadian defined benefit pension plans.

  • Tailored longevity insights

    We construct longevity assumptions from the “bottom-up,” based on each plan’s membership characteristics.

  • Bigger, better data

    When it comes to longevity analysis, bigger is definitely better. A larger and more comprehensive dataset means higher-quality results.

  • Innovative modeling

    Club Vita employs advanced statistical and data analytics techniques designed to understand the drivers of longevity.

  • No unpleasant surprises

    Club Vita’s annual longevity analysis makes large and unexpected liability increases a thing of the past.

Lexicon of Longevity

Our glossary of longevity terms provides an ever-evolving explanatory hub of longevity terminology. Including top line definitions, related terms and links to further reading.

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