Longevity 101: baseline

Event information

11 February 2021

This is a video recording of a webinar we held in February 2021

In Longevity 101, we focused on the building blocks of longevity assumptions: current, or “baseline” longevity.

We began with the basics of setting a longevity assumption, highlighting the need to divide attention between the here and now (baseline) and future changes (trends/improvements). We then dove into the details of baseline longevity assumptions, covering standard tables, experience analysis using credibility theory and the use of factor-based models for heterogenous populations. We also touched on how to handle extreme years of experience when calibrating models to historical data.

Chair: Erik Pickett – Chief Content Officer, Club Vita

Shantel Aris – Longevity Risk Modeler, Club Vita Canada Steven Baxter – Head of Innovation and Development, Club Vita Conor O’Reilly – Head of Analytics, Club Vita

Please click here to access slides from the webinar.

Longevity 101: baseline